Troubleshooting: Timezones and timestamp localization

When you are working with localized content in Management Center, timezone information is sent to . WebSphere Commerce for processing.

The following flow is used when Management Center users change the timezone to be used for localization of timestamps:
  1. The Management Center timezone is sent to the WebSphere Commerce server as a request parameter. For example, timeZoneId=Atlantic/Reykjavik. It is stored in a business context, with an intent of Authoring, for later use. The key that is used is timeZoneId.
  2. The promotion object is then processed by a mediator, for example, ReadPromotionMediator, which builds promotion schedule data using the buildPromotionSchedule method.
  3. The buildPromotionSchedule method invokes the SDODataTypeHelper.formatXMLDateTime method, which will use the timeZoneId value in the business context to localize server timestamps to the Management Center timezone using GregorianCalendar Java class.
  4. The GregorianCalendar Java class manages the standard/summer time and DST processing requirements.