WebSphere Commerce Enterprise

Importing and exporting contracts with extended terms defined

Contracts to be imported can now have terms that are attached to them. The additional terms and the properties for those terms must exist in the TCMappingRegistry. In the contract.xml file that is used to import the contract by using WebSphere Commerce Accelerator, you update the file to include the TermCondition element.

In the following example, the waiveSurCharge indicator is set to the Integer value 1 and the surChargeAmount is set to the Double value 50.00.

<TermCondition type='SurChargeTC'>
        <Property name='waiveSurCharge' value='1'>
        <Property name='surChargeAmount' value='50.00'>

The value attribute of the TermCondition element is mandatory and its value must match the type that you defined in the TCConfigurationExt.xml file.

When contracts to be exported contain extended terms, the extended terms are copied to the exported file, as shown in Copying and duplicating contracts.