Order Management subsystem

The Order Management subsystem is a component of the WebSphere Commerce Server that provides shopping carts, order capture, order fulfillment, inventory, and payment function support.

Order management is broadly divided into:

Order capture
Order capture provides functionality such as sales quotes and shopping carts and order submission. There are a number of ways to create shopcarts and submit orders, as described in the order mechanisms section.
Order processing
Order processing is responsible for the overall coordination of inventory allocation, payment processing, releasing the order to fulfillment and tracking order status.
Inventory processing
WebSphere Commerce supports four inventory systems: Available to promise (ATP), and non-ATP, No inventory, and external inventory. The interface to inventory is encapsulated by a single inventory task command, which in turn invokes either ATP or non-ATP task commands.
Payment processing
WebSphere Commerce Payments supports the use of payment plug-ins for offline or online payment processing.

In addition, the subsystem deals with order management capabilities such as:

  • quick order or buy
  • scheduled orders
  • multiple pending orders
  • reorders
  • order splits or backorders
  • future orders