Testing your store

WebSphere Commerce provides a test assets package that contains documentation and tools to help introduce, plan, and run Functional Verification Testing (FVT) for your store.

The test plan template and test plans consist of the following assets:

Asset Description
High-level Functional Verification Test Plan template Outlines the aspects that are included in a high-level test plan and serves as a template with examples to develop a plan for your solution.
Aurora test cases Sample test cases for the Aurora starter store.

The starter store companion asset contains the following tools to assist with test automation:

Asset Description
Web Test Engine (WTE) project The Storefront Test Automation Engine, which facilitates the process of modeling store pages as page objects, and helps writing, maintaining, and running test scripts against those page objects. This test framework is used for user interface testing.
Commerce Auto-generated Service Layer for REST (CaslRest) project

Facilitates the process of building and transmitting REST requests directly to the WebSphere Commerce server, without the need of using the storefront user interface.