Accessibility in the Aurora starter store

The Aurora starter store follows the IBM accessibility guidelines to implement accessibility features. Accessibility features help users who have a physical disability, such as a visual impairment, hearing impairment, or limited mobility, successfully use the store.

For more information about IBM Accessibility, see the Human Ability and Accessibility Center.

The Aurora store that is provided as a starting point is accessible based on IBM standards. You are responsible for understanding the accessibility requirements for your company. As you modify any type of store content, such as catalog and marketing data, JSP files, CSS files, or e-Marketing Spots, keep in mind the accessibility guidelines to ensure you meet requirements.

Accessibility testing for the Aurora starter store was completed with Firefox 10 and JAWS 13. The store demonstrates WAI-ARIA technologies, including landmarks (on certain content updates, a live region is updated for the user to know which landmark regions are updated). The store uses the WAI-ARIA tag for widgets such as tab and swatch attribute selector.
  • Some users might not have enough time to complete form information; because the default session timeout is 30 minutes. To allow users enough time to complete the form, a store administrator can change the session timeout properties in the wc-server.xml file to another value. The default value, as shown in the following snippet, is 1800000 milliseconds:
    <LoginTimeout enabled="true"> 
        <Timeout display="false" value="1800000"/> 
    Based on W3C and IBM standards, setting the limit to 20 hours passes accessibility standards. For information see, . Increasing the limit to 20 hours might cause a security issue.
  • Sample data included in the Aurora starter store is intended for demonstration purposes only. Sample data includes catalog data, promotion images, Flash content, and PDF files for warranty and user manuals. Sample data is not tested for accessibility.