Testing on smartphone devices

You can configure your test environment to include smartphone devices.

Before you begin

Smartphone devices

If you are using Firefox, no additional steps are necessary.

If you are using an actual device, or an emulator:
  1. Download the latest Selenium APK file.
  2. Download and install the Android SDK.
  3. For an emulator, create an emulator by using the command line, or the SDK manager.

    For speed improvements, consider increasing the VM Heap size, setting the Device memory size to 1024 GB or higher, running in a lower resolution (for example 480 x 800).

    Start the emulator with the following command-line options: -cpu-delay 0 -no-boot-anim -cache ./cache

  4. Update the BROWSER_TYPE parameter to the desired browser type.
  5. For an actual device, attach the device over USB to the client machine, install selenium-server.apk, and launch the WebDriver.