Customer segment groups

A member group of the type customer segment group is a collection of users, as defined by the Seller or merchant, who share a common interest. A customer segment group is a more generic term to mean a set of users or customer segments (which can be created using the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator). Member groups are similar to clubs that are offered by large stores for their frequent or preferred customers and are used primarily for marketing purposes or sale strategies. Being part of a member group can entitle customers to a promotion for purchasing products. For example, if market research shows that senior customers repeatedly purchase travel books and luggage, you can assign these customers to a member group called "Seniors' Travel Club." Likewise, you can create a member group to reward frequent customers for their business. You can also create member groups that are based on demographic characteristics, such as a member group for students. You can assign different prices to products for different member groups. You can also customize the way products and categories appear to member groups.