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Viewing ticklers

The Ticklers view shows all ticklers for all Customer Service Representatives for all stores in the tickler queue. You can sort and filter ticklers to make finding a subset easier. Furthermore, you can open a tickler to view more details.


  1. Log on to the IBM Sales Center.
  2. Optional: Select a store.
  3. If the Ticklers view is not open, click View > Show Views > Ticklers.
  4. Optional: Do any of the following from within the Ticklers view:
    • Sort the ticklers by clicking on any column heading.
    • Filter the ticklers by clicking the Filter Ticklers icon (Filter Ticklers icon) and choosing filtering options.
    • Double-click a tickler to see its details and action history.
    • Click the Refresh Ticklers icon (Refresh Ticklers icon) to get an updated list of ticklers.
    • Click the Create Tickler icon (Create Tickler icon) to create a new tickler.
  5. Optional: Right-click a tickler, and then select Work On or Assign Ticklers.