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Filtering ticklers

A tickler is a note that displays to warn you about an action or remind you to take action. You can sort ticklers so that it is easier to find the one you want to work on.


  1. Log on to the IBM Sales Center.
  2. Optional: Select a store.
  3. If the Ticklers view is not open, click View > Show Views > Ticklers.
  4. Click the Filter Ticklers icon (Filter Ticklers icon).
  5. Select the Enabled check box.
  6. Select which stores to show ticklers for by clicking On selected stores, and then click Select. Choose one or more stores, and then click OK.
  7. Select one or more Related to options.
  8. Select which representatives to show ticklers for by clicking With selected representatives, and then click Select representatives. Choose one or more representatives, and then click OK.
  9. Select the tickler status that you want to filter on.

    Tip: In the options for Open status, you can enter a remind-on date, and select whether to display only those ticklers with remind-on dates ticklers before or after that date.

  10. Optional: In the Limit the number of visible items to field, enter a number to display only a certain number of ticklers even if there are more that satisfy the criteria.
  11. Choose Sorting options.
  12. Click OK.