Introduced in Feature Pack 1

Testing the Software Express plug-in

To test the Software Express plug-in you need the latest version of SiTef simulator v3.15i, which is available from Software Express.

Before you begin

You must set up the Sitef simulator before you test the plug-in.


  1. Start the SiTef simulator from sim_installdir:/SiTef/APLIC.WIN/SitDemo.exe. A pop up will appear. Click OK to continue. If the simulator starts successfully, ten new windows will appear, including seven DOS prompts.
  2. Add the necessary DLL/SO files to the java.library.path. These files are provided by Software Express. Contact Software Express for the latest version of these files.
    • WindowsDownload the zip file containing the DLL files for Windows to the machine where the Rational Application Developer test server runs, the extract the contents. Put the DLL files in the WINDOWS_HOME/SYSTEM32 folder or in any other folder that is already on your java.library.path. The DLL files should have read permissions.
    • LinuxDownload the zip file containing the .so files to a directory already included in the java.library.path of the application server java process. The .so files need read and execute permissions for the java process owner.
  3. Right-click WebSphere Commerce Test Server and select Start if the server is stopped, or Restart > Start if the server is running.
  4. Open the store that enabled the Software Express plug-in and place one order using the Visa-SiTef as payment method.
  5. Open the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator and log on as a user with Site Administrator authority.
  6. Ship the order.
    Record the order number.
  7. Check the PPCPAYINST table, to make sure that the APPROVEDAMOUNT and DEPOSITEDAMOUNT equals the AMOUNT.
    select * from ppcpayinst where order_id=orderID; 
    where orderID is the order number you recorded in step 6
    • The payment can be approved after the order is submitted, but can only be deposited after shipment.

      The inventory system must be ATP.