Introduced in Feature Pack 1

Importing the Software Express plug-in

The Software Express plug-in is provided as sample code.


  1. Download the zip file that contains the Software Express plug-in sample code,
    Save the zip file, then unzip it to a location on your local directory, for example D:\Payments-Plugin-SiTef.
  2. Import the plug-in project.
    1. Start WebSphere Commerce Developer.
    2. Open the Java EE perspective.
    3. Click File > Import. The Import wizard opens.
    4. Click General > Existing Projects into Workspace, then click Next.
    5. Choose Select root directory; then click the Browse button. Specify the directory of the unzipped plug-in.
    6. Click Finish.
  3. Add the imported project to the WC modules.
    1. Double-click the deployment descriptor of the WC project, application.xml.
    2. Click the Design tab.
    3. Under Overview, click Add and select Module.
    4. Click OK.
    5. In the Add Module dialog, select the newly added Payments-Plugin-SiTef project and click Finish.
  4. Compile the project and modify the classpath to fix the compile errors.
    1. Copy LibSiTef.jar, which can be obtained from Software Express, to toolkit_dir\workspace\WC\lib\ where toolkit_dir is the directory where the Toolkit is installed.
    2. Right-click the plug-in project; then click Properties.
    3. Click Java Build Path.
    4. Under the Libraries tab, modify the classpath to add Payments-EDP-Common.jar, Payments-Plugin.jar, LibSiTef.jar, and any other required jars to the classpath.
    5. If there is a compile error, go to 4.d to change the classpath and recompile.
    6. When you no longer have any compile errors, right-click the plug-in project and choose Java EE > Prepare for Deployment.
    7. On the Servers panel, right-click the server, and select Publish.