Setting up the SiTef simulator

The SiTef simulator is available from Software Express.

Before you begin

Contact the Software Express at to get the latest version of SiTef simulator v3.15i.


  1. Create a temporary directory and extract the contents of into it.
  2. Install the SiTef simulator.
    Run the following command:
    • temp_dir/simuladositef/Instala.exe
    where temp_dir is the location where you have saved the contents extract the contents of

    The installation wizard is in Brazilian Portuguese.

  3. Save the file under your home drive and extract the contents of the zip file. You can obtain from Software Express.
  4. After the zip file is extracted, locate the instala.exe file in the folder \IBM\Servidor\Simulado\3.15i, and run it.
    A new version of the SiTef simulator is installed.
  5. Create the LibSiTef folder.
    For example:
    • WindowsCreate the folder under your home drive, for example, C:/LibSiTef.
    • LinuxCreate the folder under the root path, for example, \libsitef.
    Make sure the user that starts WebSphere Commerce Server has read/write/execute authority to the directory.
  6. Locate the files simcomuredecard0401.exe, sitamex.exe, sitshop4.exe, sitvisa4.exe in the folder \IBM\Servidor\Módulos.
    Copy the files to the following directory:
    • sim_installdir:\SiTef\APLIC.WIN
    where sim_installdir is the directory where you installed the SiTef simulator.
  7. Rename the Config folder located in the sim_installdir:\SiTef directory to any other name.
  8. Locate the Config folder in the \IBM\Configuração directory.
    Copy the folder and paste it into the following directory:
    • sim_installdir:\SiTef
    where sim_installdir is the directory where you installed the SiTef simulator.
  9. Start the SiTef simulator from sim_installdir:/SiTef/APLIC.WIN/SitDemo.exe. A pop up will appear. Click OK to continue. If the simulator starts successfully, ten new windows will appear, including seven DOS prompts.