Boleto Bancário payment method

To implement the Boleto Bancário payment method for the Brazil store, customize your payment implementation using the sample code provided.

When a customer places an order and selects Boleto Bancário as the payment method, a form is generated that provides all the payment details. The customer must print out the form, then take it to the bank to pay for the order with cash. The Boleto payment method can be implemented only with the Brazil starter store.

The Boleto payment implementation reuses the SimpleOffline plug-in to track the payment status in WebSphere Commerce, using the following process:

  1. The customer places an order and select the Boleto Bancário payment method.
  2. After the order is placed, WebSphere Commerce sets the payment status to pending state.
  3. The customer prints the form, then takes the form to a bank and provides payment for the transaction.
  4. The bank notifies the merchant that the payment has been provided, and uses the information on the form to indicate to the merchant which transaction has been paid for.
  5. The merchant runs a scheduler command, BoletoPaymentOrderStatusUpdate, to update the payment status from pending state to success state. If there is a problem with the payment, then the scheduler command updates the payment status from pending state to failed state.