Testing your customization

In this lesson, you test your customization result.

About this task

You can test the result by verifying write access in Management Center by logging in as a user with a Search Term Manager role.


  1. Ensure that the WebSphere Commerce Test Server is running.
  2. In a web browser, type https://hostname:8000/lobtools.
  3. Log on to the Management Center using the search term manager user ID you previously created.
  4. Select Management Center Tools > Catalogs. Catalogs is the only tool available because you assigned access to the Catalogs view only, in the previous lessons.
  5. Select Search Term Associations.
  6. Verify that you have write access to Search Term Associations by Creating search term associations using synonyms and replacements

    Screen capture of the Management Center Catalogs tool with Search Term Associations displayed.
  7. Verify that you have read-only access to other business objects. Select any catalog entry and ensure that you cannot change any values.
    1. Select Aurora > Apparel > Boys > Boys pants.
    2. Double-click any catalog entry. The item properties displays. You are not able to edit any fields and (Read-Only) is displayed at the top of the page.
      Screen capture of a Catalog item. The item is Read-Only and you cannot edit any fields.