Introduced in Feature Pack 1

Increasing the maximum page size value

By default, the maximum number of business objects that can be displayed on a Management Center page is 500. You can increase the maximum value by updating the appropriate component configuration file, and then updating the Management Center user interface Page size list.

In the Management Center, the page size option is in Management Center Tools > Preferences.
CAUTION: Increase the maximum number of entries to an appropriate value that your environment can handle. If you set the value too high, Management Center performance can be significantly affected. It is not recommended to increase this value in your production environment.


  1. Change the page size property in the appropriate component configuration file.
    For example, if you want to display a maximum of 1500 objects when you are working with the Catalogs tool, then you would do so in the WC_eardir\xml\config\\wc-component.xml file.
    1. Open WebSphere Commerce Developer and switch to the Enterprise Explorer view.
    2. Navigate to the following path:
    3. In the config folder, create a folder so the path resembles the following structure:


      If this folder exists and it contains a customized version of the wc-component.xml file, then open the file and skip to step 1.g.

    4. Create an empty wc-component.xml file in the folder. This file is your custom wc-component.xml file.
    5. Copy the following basic XML elements into the file:
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      	xsi:schemaLocation=" ../xsd/wc-component.xsd "
    6. Navigate to the default catalog component configuration file at the following path:


      Never change properties directly in this file because your changes will be overwritten with future IBM software updates.

    7. Copy the XML elements for the maximumPageSize property.

      Even though you are copying only certain elements, you must maintain the XML hierarchy for those elements in the file.

      For example, copy the following XML element to your custom configuration file:
    8. Update the maximumPageSize value to the maximum number of objects that you want to display on one page.
      For example, 1500.
    9. Save and close the custom configuration file.
  2. Update UserPreferencePanel.lzx to add a new option to the Page size list to reflect the new value that you set in wc-component.xml:
    1. Navigate to LOBTools > WebContent > WEB-INF > src > lzx > commerce > shell.
    2. Open the UserPreferencePanel.lzx file.
    3. Find the following code block:
      <class name="wcfPageSizeList"
    4. Add a value to the code block that corresponds with the value that you added in your wc-component.xml file.
      For example, if you set the maximumPageSize to 1500, then add the following code:
      <wcfPreferenceValue text="1500" value="1500" />
    5. Save and close the file.
    6. Restart the server.
    7. Right-click LOBTools; then click Build OpenLaszlo Project.
    8. Package Management Center files for deployment.
    9. Deploy the customized code.