Navigation list definitions

A navigation list definition is a binding between an object type and a list view that displays a list of related objects. When you select an object in the explorer view, the navigation list definitions associated with that object type are used to determine which list views can be displayed in the main work area. For example, the default navigation list definition for a master catalog category displays the list of catalog entries that belong to the selected category.

The wcfNavigationListDefinition class is used to describe a navigation list binding. The list of related objects can be a child list (wcfChildListEditor) or a list of references (wcfReferenceList). A child list is a list of objects that belong to the same parent object, such as a list of products within a category. A list of references is a list of all the objects that have the current object as a child, such as a list of activities that refer to the current e-Marketing Spot.