Object path

Developers can use object paths to instruct the Management Center framework to use an object that is located by searching through the child objects of the selected object, instead of the selected object itself. An object path is a list of object types separated by a forward slash (that is, the / character). The framework searches recursively for child objects that match the specified object types.

For example, the object path Product/CatentryDescription indicates that the Management Center should retrieve the child object Catentry of the current object, and retrieve the child object CatentryDescription of that Catentry.

Any of the object types in an object path can be replaced by an object group. For example if a Catentry object group is defined, then the previous object path could also be specified as Catentry/CatentryDescription. Object types in an object path can be qualified with a property name and value using an Xpath-like syntax; that is, by specifying [prop=value].