Changing default values for settings in the Preferences dialog

The Preferences dialog contains default values for each setting (for example, detailed Tool Tips are enabled by default). You can change these default settings to meet the needs of business users.

About this task

To change the default values for settings in the Preferences dialog:


  1. Open WebSphere Commerce Developer and switch to the Enterprise Explorer view.
  2. In the Enterprise Explorer view, expand LOBTools > WebContent > WEB-INF > src > lzx > commerce
    > shell.
  3. Open the ConfigProperties.lzx file. The wcfConfigProperties class defines all the default settings in the Preferences dialog. For the preference you want to change, locate its attribute element, and update the value attribute with your new default value. For example, by default, detailed Tool Tips are enabled on the Management Center user interface. To change this, locate the defaultPreferredExtendedHelp attribute and change the value from true to false:
    <attribute name="defaultPreferredExtendedHelp" type="boolean" value="false" />

What to do next

After you complete your customization:
  1. Right-click LOBTools Project; then click Build OpenLaszlo Project to produce an updated ManagementCenter.swf file under the workspace_dir\LOBTools\WebContent directory. This setting is the default environment setting.
  2. Test your changes by viewing them in the Management Center, using this URL: https://hostname:8000/lobtools.
  3. Deploy your changes to your production environment.