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Configuring the Tasks tool

The Management Center displays up to 500 tasks from workspaces for a particular user. If you want to keep more than 500 tasks in your workspace, you can configure the web service to display a larger amount.

About this task

If you have more than 500 tasks in any one of the Approved, Canceled, To Do, or Completed folders, the Management Center does not display any tasks within that folder. Instead, Management Center displays one of the following messages:
  • There are too many To Do tasks to list.
  • There are too many Completed tasks to list.
  • There are too many Approved tasks to list.
  • There are too many Canceled tasks to list.
If users have more than 500 tasks, complete one or both of the following steps:
  • Clean up the workspace in the Workspace Administration Tool. Cleaning the workspace can be done only for tasks in the Approved or Canceled folders.
  • Configure the get-data-config.xml file so the service returns a subset of the total tasks. For example, return 500 of 2000 tasks, instead of producing error message. This configuration is done by setting the maximum count parameter _wcf.maxRecords to a number less than (or equal to) 500 in the get-data-config.xml file for the getTaskByStatus service. The tag name for this service in the get-data-config.xml file is getTaskDetailsByStatus.

    To configure workspaces to display a subset of 500 tasks only:


Follow the instructions for customizing and deploying the get-data-config.xml for the com.ibm.commerce.content component to include the following change in the custom extension file: