Troubleshooting: Installation problems introduced by previously installed version of DB2

A previous version of DB2 installed on your machine might cause problems during the installation of WebSphere Commerce.


You have a previous version of DB2 installed on your machine, and encounter installation errors when installing WebSphere Commerce.


If DB2 was previously installed on the machine and is now uninstalled, ensure that the following conditions are met before using the WebSphere Commerce installation wizard to install DB2 :

  • Ensure that all previous databases were properly dropped and uncataloged.
  • Ensure that all database IDs have been dropped using the dasdrop and db2idrop commands. For information about these commands and their use, see the DB2 documentation.
  • Ensure that any DB2 ports have been removed from the /etc/services file.
  • Ensure that the following users do not exist on the system:
    • db2fwc1
    • daswc1
  • Ensure that the following groups do not exist on the system:
    • daswcg1
    • db2fwcg1