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Troubleshooting: WebSphere Commerce custom installation failure: "WebSphere Application Server Installed as Root"

After you install the database, Web server, and WebSphere Application Server as the root user, the WebSphere Commerce Installation wizard fails with the following message: WebSphere Application Server Installed as Root.


Access to certain folders and settings from WebSphere Commerce to WebSphere Application Server require the wc-non-root user.


Change the owner of the WAS_installdir and all its subdirectories to the wc-non-root user. To change the owner, use the following command:

chown -R non-root_user:non-root_group WAS_installdir

  • non-root_user is the non-root user name
  • non-root_group is the group that the non-root user belongs to
  • WAS_installdir is the installation path for the WebSphere Application Server
After you change the owner, the Installation wizard will continue through the rest of the installation.