Testing the new page

In this lesson, you launch the Android native application and navigate to the new related warranty display page.

About this task

Before you complete this lesson, you might find it helpful to review layouts and activities on the Android developer site.


  1. Start your WebSphere Commerce test server
  2. In Eclipse, right-click the native application project MyProject and select Run as > Android Application
  3. When the emulator finishes loading, click the Application button to switch the view to the running application
  4. Double-click the Madisons application. The first time that you launch the application, you are asked to provide connection details. Enter the IP address for the machine you are testing and the storeid for your Madisons store. The following screen capture shows an example. Your values can be different.
    Madisons Application
    IP address and store id
  5. On the Mobile Madison application home page, navigate through Products->Furniture ->Lounge Chairs->White Fabric Roll Arm Chaise
  6. Click the Warranty tab.

    Screen capture of the main product page.
  7. The new panel loads and the related warranty information displays.

    Screen capture of the product warranty page.