Running the toolkit deployment process

Now that you have generated your deployment package and configured your deployment settings, you can run the toolkit deployment process on your WebSphere Commerce Developer installation. Ensure that you backup any important assets in your development environment before proceeding with this task.

Before you begin

The WebSphere Commerce Test Server must be stopped and WebSphere Commerce Developer must be closed before the toolkit deployment process can be run.

Before running the toolkit deployment process, it is highly recommended that the following recovery measures be taken:
  • Back up the database. Refer to the documentation of your database management system (DBMS) for details.
    Note: Backup for Apache Derby database is automated in the toolkit deployment process.
  • Back up your workspace. The WebSphere Commerce Build and Deployment tool provides the functionality to back up such assets if it is enabled. Refer to the toolkit deployment properties files for details.
Important: Not taking recovery measures will result in not being able to recover if a deployment failure occurs.


  1. Change directory to WCBD_deploy_toolkit_dir.
  2. Run the toolkit deployment process with the following command, where target-env is the identifier for the target environment:
    wcbd-rad-ant.bat -buildfile wcbd-deploy.xml -Dtarget.env=target-env


In addition to providing information to the console, the build process generates a log in the following directory:

  • WCBD_deploy_toolkit_dir/logs/build-label-target-env-tstamp/wcbd-deploy-toolkit.log
Note: If you migrated to Rational Application Developer Version 8.5.5.x, you might notice FileNotFoundException errors in the log file. For example,
[workspaceBuild] org.eclipse.jst.jee.archive.ArchiveOpenFailureException: \WC\Rest-Core.jar (The system cannot find the path specified)
You can safely ignore the error messages.