Enabling the collection of marketing statistics in Management Center

Statistics for campaigns and marketing activities in Management Center are gathered automatically, so no enablement is required. For marketing experiments, however, you must enable the ExperimentEvaluationEventListener component in Configuration Manager if you want to gather revenue statistics for marketing experiments.


  1. Open the Configuration Manager.
  2. Expand the node with your computer name, expand the Instance list, and select the instance that you want to modify.
  3. Expand the Components section of the tree.
  4. Select and enable the components for the type of statistics that you want to capture during site usage:
    Type of statistics Component to enable
    Campaigns and marketing activities You do not need to enable any components to gather campaign and marketing activity statistics for Management Center; statistics are gathered automatically.
    Captures revenue statistics for test elements in marketing experiments by correlating the order to the test element in the experiment.

    Introduced in Feature Pack 3Also captures revenue statistics for test elements in search rule experiments by correlating the order to the test element in the experiment.

    The event that the ExperimentEvaluationEventListener uses. This component is enabled by default.

    The server gathers revenue statistics by using the RaiseECEvent scheduled job. By default, this job runs every 5 minutes. You can change the frequency of this job; see Statistics considerations.

  5. Stop and start your WebSphere Commerce Server.