Deactivating or deleting expired Web activities for better performance

An expired Web activity has an end date in the past but still has an active status in Management Center. To improve runtime performance, make sure to either delete or deactivate expired Web activities on a regular basis. This ensures that the WebSphere Commerce server does not waste resources checking the schedules of expired Web activities when evaluating what to display in an e-Marketing Spot.


You have several options to deal with expired Web activities:
  • Option 1. Run the dbclean utility to delete expired Web activities. For more information, see Deleting expired marketing activities.

    If you only want to temporarily deactivate a specific Web activity so that you can reactivate it later, do not use this method. Instead, deactivate the Web activity manually in Management Center.

  • Option 2. Use Management Center to manually deactivate or delete expired Web activities. For more information, see Cleaning up expired web activities.
  • Option 3: Deactivate expired Web activities:
    • WebSphere Commerce Version or laterEnsure that the deactivateExpiredActivites flag is set to true. This property is in the Send Marketing Triggers section of the Marketing component configuration file, wc-admin-component.xml. By default this property is set to true. For more information about this file, see Marketing component configuration files (wc-admin-component.xml),
    • WebSphere Commerce Version Commerce Version interim fix for APAR IZ94274. This software update automatically deactivates expired Web activities each day so that you do not have to remember to deactivate them.