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Enabling auctions

Before you can run auctions in your store, you must first enable auctions with WebSphere Commerce.

Before you begin

Ensure that you have published the following store archive (SAR) file:
  • AdvancedB2BDirect.sar


  1. Select the appropriate option:
    1. For IBM i OS operating systemSolarisLinuxAIXWindows
      1. Open the Configuration Manager.
      2. From the left navigation within Configuration Manager, expand WebSphere Commerce > host_name > Instance List > Components > Auctions.
      3. From the right window within Configuration Manager, in the SMTP Server field, type the name of your SMTP server.
      4. In the Reply Email field, enter the e-mail address of the person who will be sending auction notification messages and receiving responses to them. Typically, this person will be a Site Administrator.
      5. Select Enable Component to auctions.
      6. Click Apply. A message displays to indicate that the system has successfully configured this component.
      7. Close Configuration Manager.
      8. Restart WebSphere Commerce.
    2. WebSphere Commerce Developer
      1. Open WebSphere Commerce Accelerator.
      2. From the Store menu, select Change Flow.
      3. From the left navigation frame, click Catalog and select Include auctions.
      4. Logon to the corresponding storefront and in the footer, under ORDER TRACKING, the Auctions link is displayed.
  2. Schedule the following auctions jobs at the site-level.
    • CompleteOrder
    • DoAuctionNotify
    • FinalizeAuction
    • MonitorAuction
    • ProcessAutoBids
    • ProcessDutchBids
    • ProcessOpenCryBids