Feature Pack 5

Managing promotion folders

By creating, changing, and deleting promotion folders that you can improve the organization and management of your store promotions.

Feature Pack 6 or laterSupport for managing promotion folders within the Management Center Promotions tool is provided by default. If you are a business user, you no longer require an Operations Manager or Site Administrator to aid in managing promotion folders. Use the Management Center to manage your promotion folders. For more information, see Organizing promotions with folders

Feature Pack 8As an administrator, you can use the Data Load utility to load new folders and to change or delete existing folders. Sample configuration and input files are provided which you can copy and modify to help you configure the Data Load utility to manage promotion folders. For more information, see Loading promotion folders and promotions into promotion folders.

Feature Pack 8You can also configure the promotions tool to not display promotions that are in a folder in the main Promotions - List view. By enabling this configuration, you can further help business users organize promotions with folders. If your store has hundreds or thousands of promotions, preventing promotions that are sorted in folders from displaying in the Promotions - List view can make finding promotions easier. With this configuration, business users can browse through folders to find sorted promotions and browse the main Promotions - List view to find unsorted promotions. For more information, see Organizing promotions with folders.