Applying the correct JSP files to the version 7.0 store archive

WebSphere Commerce version 5.6.1 runs on WebSphere Application Server version 5.x which implements the JSP 1.2, Servlet 2.3, and JSTL 1.0 specifications. WebSphere Commerce version 7.0 runs on WebSphere Application Server version 7.0 which implements the JSP 2.0, JSTL 1.1, and Servlet 2.4 specifications.

About this task

The JSP container uses the version of web.xml to determine if you are running a JSP 1.2 application or a JSP 2.0 application. In JSP 1.2 applications, EL expressions are ignored by default. In JSP 2.0 applications, EL expressions are interpreted by default. Since the JSP files contained in a version 5.6.1 store archive implement JSP 1.2 and the JSTL 1.0 specification, you cannot use these JSP files in WebSphere Application Server version 7.0.


For information about how to resolve this issue and use the correct JSP files for the WebSphere Commerce version 7.0 store archive, see the A servlet error relating to a custom tag attribute is shown in SystemOut.log afterreaching a JSP page topic.