Generating an event file

If you choose to disable the automated event transmission to IBM Digital Analytics, formerly known as Coremetrics Analytics in the configuration, you must send the event data manually. You can use FTP, email, or some other method. To send the event data manually requires that you have the event data in a file, which is done by the EventFileGeneration utility.

About this task

To run the event file generation utility.


  1. Navigate to the WC_installdir/components/cm-salescenter/bin/ directory.
  2. Ensure that the WebSphere Commerce Server is running.
  3. Run the EventFileGeneration utility.
  4. Send the output event file, which is named as part of sending the utility, to IBM Digital Analytics.


Note: The event file includes only the events that occur since the previous event file generation. If you send events to IBM Digital Analytics by using either the automated transmission, or an event file previously, the events are not included in this file.