Sales Center reports in IBM Digital Analytics

WebSphere Commerce Sales Center Reports in IBM Digital Analytics, formerly known as Coremetrics Analytics enhances the existing IBM Digital Analytics solution to include information that is collected about your IBM Sales Center users. The reports that are featured by default are concerned with Customer Service Representative (CSR) performance and Sales Center channel analysis.

When Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) perform actions in the Sales Center, they trigger events. These events are collected by the WebSphere Commerce event infrastructure, and then sent to IBM Digital Analytics with a web service at a scheduled time. The EventProcessor is a scheduled job that, by default, runs every hour to collect the data that is generated by Sales Center usage. The reports also include some data when the order management actions are performed in the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator as well.

To generate these reports, WebSphere Commerce tracks the following events, which can be configured independently:
  • User is modified (that is, created or updated)
  • Order is created
  • Order item is created
  • Order item is updated
  • Order is submitted
  • Order is canceled
  • Order item is shipped
Among the reports that you can generate, there are several default CSR performance reports available in IBM Digital Analytics:
  • Team CSR Summary
  • Quotes to Order Conversion Rates
  • CSR Order and Shipping Status
  • Personal Revenue, Profit
  • Price Quotes
  • Price Overrides
  • CSR Category Revenue
There are also several default Sales Center channel analysis reports available in IBM Digital Analytics.
  • Top Line Cross Channel Report
  • Cross Channel Graphical Dashboard Report
  • Cross Channel Merchandising Report
  • WebSphere Commerce B2B Contract Report (Sales Center data)
  • WebSphere Commerce Promotions Report (Sales Center data)