Using the generic tag with IBM Digital Analytics

If your site is integrated with IBM Digital Analytics, formerly known as Coremetrics Analytics, you can use the default implementation of the <cm:generic /> tag that WebSphere Commerce provides; however, this tag does not currently map to any IBM Digital Analytics data tags. The generic tag can be used for customization, or to forward information to IBM Digital Analytics that the existing IBM Digital Analytics data tags do not support.

Tag placement in store pages

Include the <cm:generic /> tag in the store page. In the page, place the <cm:generic /> tag before the <cm:pageview /> tag.

To use the <cm:generic /> tag, you must also include the tag library in the JSP page before the main page content. Use the following code to include the tag library:

<%@ taglib uri="" prefix="cm" %>

Examples of tag usage

Include the generic tag in your store page with the following code:
<cm:generic tag="cmCustomTag(\"param1\", \"param2\");" />