Feature Pack 3: Deprecated feature

Content URL tag

The WebSphere Commerce content URL tag collects information about email activities that contain content spots that customers view.

This tag collects the following data to pass to an external analytics system:

  • Marketing campaign name
  • Activity name
  • Email template name
  • Content name

WebSphere Commerce provides an abstract base tag implementation class for the content URL tag:


This base tag class collects information about an email activity. Analytics vendors who want to provide a content URL tag in their web analytics JSP tag library for WebSphere Commerce can extend this base tag class to get the email activity data and implement their own logic to generate the vendor-specific content URL tagging APIs.


Note for IBM Digital Analytics, formerly known as Coremetrics Analytics: The following parameters are for the WebSphere Commerce <cm:contenturl /> tag.

The content URL tag takes the following parameters:

A required parameter that is a string representation of a URL, or a variable that is created using the <c:url> tag to be modified.
A required parameter that identifies the variable name in which to place the modified URL.
A required parameter that defines the content spot name as a string.
This variable is used to override the name of the content. If supplied, it is used instead of the default value that is obtained by a lookup.
An optional parameter that specifies the scope in which the variable of the modified URL applies. Valid values are:
(Default) The variable applies to this page. The variable might be different the next time the page is loaded.
The variable applies to this request. The variable might be different the next time the content spot is requested, even for the same page.
The variable applies to the current session. The variable might be different the next time the customer browses your site.
The variable applies to the current application, and does not change.

Content URL tag for IBM Digital Analytics

WebSphere Commerce provides a default implementation of the content URL tag for IBM Digital Analytics. This tag must be included in all content spots that are included in email activities. It appends content-related information to a URL to track content spot click-throughs and stores the result in the ID object. If this tag is used in storefront JSP pages, no data is forwarded to IBM Digital Analytics.

To use this tag, you must include the tag library in the JSP page. The tag library must be referenced before the main page content. Use the following tag so that the JSP page refers to the tag library:

<%@ taglib uri="http://commerce.ibm.com/coremetrics" prefix="cm" %>


To track email activities that have a content spot that is embedded in the email template, add code similar to the following to the content spot JSP file:

<cm:contenturl url="${ClickInfoURL}"
      contentname="${ContentObj.name}" id="ClickInfoURL" /