First Login

Depending on the operating system where the BigFix Server is running you can have a different type of login to Web Reports.

To login to Web Reports running on Windows use the local browser to point to local host as follows: http://localhost/webreports and define the first Web Reports userid. After the userid definition, you can use a remote browser.

To login to Web Reports running on Linux use the userid and password of the BigFix administrator, defined at installation time. With this userid you can specify the Web Reports address in a remote browser such as: http://HostnameWebReportsServer/webreports

Note: If you enabled BigFix to use SAML V2.0 authentication, the LDAP operators will log in to Web Reports at the following URL https://<bigfix_server>:8080, where 8080 is the port number used by Web Reports, and their authentication will be managed by the Identity Provider. For more information, see What changes from the BigFix user's perspective.