Preparing the part numbers file

The part numbers file can be used to increase the accuracy of automated bundling by narrowing the number of possible products to which a discovered component can be assigned. You can download the file from the HCL Software Flexnet site or create it manually.

About this task

If you added custom part numbers to the software catalog, make sure that they are included in the part numbers file. Otherwise, the custom part numbers are not matched against the uploaded part numbers and are not used during automated bundling.
Restriction: BigFix InventoryLicense Metric Tool supports only CR LF and LF end of line characters. While editing the part number file do not use CR end of line characters specific for Mac systems.


  • Download the file with part numbers from the HCL Software Flexnet site.
    1. Log in to the Passport Advantage®.
    2. From the menu on the left, select Reporting > Order history.
    3. If applicable, select the relevant site or sites.
    4. In the Type of order section, select All.
    5. Specify the Sales order date and click Submit detail report. Your report is ready.
    6. To save the file, click Download report and then select Comma delimited. Ensure that the file is in the CSV or ZIP format.
  • Prepare a custom CSV file that consists of two mandatory columns: Part number and Order type. Only the rows that contain the Licenses element in the Order type column are imported. The list of part numbers can include HCL Software Flexnet site part numbers, as well as your custom part numbers. You can add any other columns to the file, however, these columns are ignored during upload. Use a comma as a field separator and quotation marks (" ") as a text delimiter. For example:
    "Part number", "Order type"
    "D07UMLL", "Licenses"
    "D08UMLL, "Licenses"
    "Custom part number", "Licenses"
  • Prepare a CSV file that contains a single column without a header. This file can only contain HCL Software Flexnet site part numbers, not your custom part numbers. List each part number in a new line. Do not use quotation marks (" ") to define part numbers. For example:
    Ensure that you use only valid part numbers that consist of seven characters. Upload of part numbers that are shorter or longer fails with the following message.
    Upload failed. The uploaded csv file does not contain Part number or Order type column.

What to do next

After you prepare the file, upload the part numbers.