Device Results

Device Results describe the state of a deployment on a particular endpoint. There are many different BigFix Device Result codes. The most common ones seen in the WebUI include:

  • Fixed, or Completed – The deployment succeeded (on this device).
  • Failed – The deployment failed (on this device).
  • Pending Restart – Eventual success is implied.
  • Not Relevant – The action is not relevant to this device.
  • Running
  • Evaluating
  • Pending Download
Software deployments might have an associated log file. This log can be viewed in the Device Results screen. The presence of a viewable log file is denoted by an icon. Note that log files are only available for software deployments.
Image of the Device Results screen highlighting the log icon for software deployments.
Click the log icon to display the associated log data. The entire log can be downloaded by clicking the log file name.
Image of the software deployment log screen where the log file can be viewed or downloaded.
Note: Log files can only be viewed for software deployments. In addition, to view log files in the BigFix WebUI, the current user must be subscribed to the Software Distribution Site in the traditional BigFix Console, and Analysis 11 of the Software Distribution Site must be activated.