Stop A Deployment

Not every deployment completes successfully the first time. Use the Stop Deployment button on any Deployment list or document view to terminate a deployment, if needed.

Reasons to stop a deployment include:

  • Starting to see failures on many devices.
  • Starting to get blue screens on the targeted devices.
  • You have updated a baseline (or Fixlet) and need to stop the old one.

Use the Deployment views and the custom tools provided by your BigFix administrator to diagnose and fix deployment problems. Work with them to learn more about why deployments fail and effective methods for resolving issues when they arise. Reasons a deployment can fail include:

  • A computer is offline.
  • A computer is being rebuilt or reimaged.
  • A computer has insufficient disk space.
  • A computer is not communicating with the BigFix update server.
  • The BigFix agent is not running on the computer.
  • The computer is missing some dependent software.