Installing the BigFix Agent on discovered resources

The resources retrieved by cloud plugins do not necessarily have the BigFix Agent installed. By using the Cloud Plugin Dashboard that lists all resources discovered on cloud, you can install the BigFix Agent on those that are still unmanaged.


  1. From the Cloud Overview tab of the dashboard, click the gray bar for your cloud provider. A table with all unmanaged resources for that cloud provider is displayed.
  2. In the table, click the row to select the resource on which you want to install the BigFix Agent. Multi-selection with Ctrl or Shift buttons is supported. If you want to select all the resources at once, click the Select unmanaged resources button.
  3. Click the Deploy agent button.


The dashboard displays the Client Deployment Tool Wizard, with the list of targets to install already filled in. The installation then follows the standard Client Deployment Tool Wizard flow. For details on how to use the Client Deploy Tool Wizard, see Using the Client Deploy Tool.

Note: When launching the Client Deployment Tool Wizard from the Cloud Plugin Dashboard:
  • In the Set Target Credentials page of the wizard, the Add Targets button is disabled.
  • In the Set Advanced Settings page of the wizard, in the OS families section, the platforms which are not supported by the cloud infrastructures are greyed out.
  • In the Set Advanced Settings page of the wizard, in the Client Version pull-down menu, only versions 10 or later are available.

Once the BigFix Agent is installed, the selected resources have two representations, the proxied one and the native one, which the BigFix Server correlates under one correlation computer.