BigFix Site Administrator and Console Operators

In BigFix there are two basic classes of users.

The Site Administrator
The Site Administrator is responsible for installing and maintaining the BigFix software, and to run administrative tasks that globally affects the environment such as site-level signing keys management. There is only on Site Administrator for a BigFix environment. For more information, see The Site Administrator.
The Console Operators
They are the user of BigFix who access the BigFix Console and, if authorized, the WebUI. They can be Master Operators (MO), the user with Administrators of the BigFix Console, or Operators (NMO), the day-to-day managers of their own domains. While, Master Operators can create other operators and assign management rights, Operators can not. For more information, see Introducing Operators.
Note: When defining an operator, ensure that the user name does not contain any of the following characters: :, @, and \.