Managing cloud resources

The IT ecosystem in every organization keeps expanding to include a variety of endpoints such as servers, Mac and Linux desktops, and laptops. With the advent of cloud computing, more and more IT organizations consider shifting their entire on-premise infrastructure including data centers to the cloud, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, VMware, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Consequently, managing endpoints is becoming increasingly complex, which has necessitated endpoint management solutions to also support cross-hosting environments.

BigFix 10 includes capabilities for managing your resources that are in a cloud system as well. With the new feature, BigFix administrators and operators can have complete visibility and control over their Windows, Mac, and Linux endpoints on cloud (public, private, and hybrid) in a secure, cost-controlled manner regardless of their location or whether they are physical or virtual.

The feature extends the capabilities of BigFix to help you discover, manage, and secure your virtual devices (AWS®, VMware, Azure, and GCP to start with) within a single pane of glass with no duplication of information.
  • Extends BigFix visibility into all cloud instances across multiple cloud providers including private, public, and hybrid cloud.
  • Leverages a combination of cloud native APIs and the BigFix Agent to retrieve information from your virtual endpoints for a complete view of your cloud instances.
  • Simplifies cloud management and extends BigFix automation to cloud instances.
  • Enables better-informed decisions about cloud instance patching
  • Ensures continuous compliance for all your endpoints, regardless of their type or location, within a single solution.
  • Helps on-prem and cloud teams work more effectively together.