Release Notes V10.0.0 Fix Pack 2

A summary of changed or new features and enhancements included in Remote Control Fix Pack 2.

Remote Control V10.0.0 Fix Pack 2

Features that are introduced in Remote Control V10.0.0 Fix Pack 2
  • Lite Web Portal

    With Fix Pack 2, Remote Control provides a solution where you can open a remote session with an On Demand Target (ODT), without using a VPN, even when the controller and the target are over Internet. This specifically addresses the VPN overloading challenge with Work Form Home scenario. Fore more information, see Lite Web Portal.

  • Improved user experience while starting ODT on macOS Catalina

    Before ​Fix Pack 2, starting from macOS Catalina (10.15), to use the ODT and to start a remote session, the user had to manually change the execution permission of the downloaded files by executing some OS level commands. With Fix Pack 2, Remote control provides a new type of ODT package for macOS. When enabled, this package allows the user to temporarily install the ODT and execute the session without manually changing the execution permission.

Fixes included in Remote Control V10.0.0 Fix Pack 2
  • KB0081758 – “BigFix Remote Control" entry in the right click menu is grayed-out for macOS computers
  • KB0081193 – Update browsers versions list in Install Guide
  • KB0081018 – The Controller is not associated with .trcjws files on macOS
  • KB0081017 – V10 java signed jars lack intermediate certificates