Release Notes V10.0.0 Fix Pack 3

A summary of changed or new features and enhancements included in Remote Control Fix Pack 3.

Remote Control V10.0.0 Fix Pack 3

Features that are introduced in Remote Control V10.0.0 Fix Pack 3
  • License verification

    This is a new Remote Control feature that verifies your licensing. Remote Control retrieves license information from your BigFix Server and indicates whether or not it is compliant. In case of non-compliance, the product operates normally but with warning messages displayed on the UI so you can take further action as necessary. You can also update licensing information to avoid non-compliance. Fore more information, see Verify and configure license

  • Database cleanup

    As the number of targets present in the database also determines the license compliance, it is important to clean up the database periodically. The product now lets you automatically remove offline targets from the database. By default, the cleanup process runs every 24 hours. Cleanup is hooked to dbcleaner process and controlled by the target.offline.max.age property in; with this property, you can configure the target cleanup to run automatically or indicate for how long a given offline target can be kept in the database.

  • Mouse Wheel support

    With this feature, you can control the mouse pointer and scroll the views displayed on a remote computer when a remote control session is in progress.

  • Adoption of Open Liberty in place of IBM Liberty

    IBM Liberty is replaced with Open Liberty. The adoped OpenLiberty version is

  • Flash Removal from BigFix Dashboards

    The BigFix Console Content can now work without Adobe Flash.