Release Notes V10.0.0 Fix Pack 7

A summary of changed or new features and enhancements included in Remote Control Fix Pack 7.

Remote Control V10.0.0 Fix Pack 7

Features that are introduced in Remote Control V10.0.0 Fix Pack 7
  • Managed mode support for macOS target

    This feature adds the support for macOS targets in Managed mode. With this feature macOS targets now support the full set of Remote Control session capabilities (managed, peer-to-peer, unattended and on-demand).

  • Apple M1 architecture support for macOS targets

    This feature provides support for Apple M1 architecture.

  • Enhancements to target group assignments

    This feature provides the possibility to assign Remote Control targets to target groups leveraging the GroupLabel target property.

  • Deployment Status Dashboard Enhancements

    A new widget on the Deployment Status Dashboard allows to monitor certificate expiration.