Release Notes V10.0.0 Fix Pack 1

A summary of changed or new features and enhancements included in Remote Control Fix Pack 1.

Remote Control V10.0.0 Fix Pack 1

Features that are introduced in Remote Control V10.0.0 Fix Pack 1
  • Session Mode support for macOS

    With this Fix Pack 1, Chat Session Mode and Guidance Session Mode are now supported for macOS Targets. It is also possible to use the Chat function while in session.

  • Enter Connection Code dialog

    A new programmable interface is added to the Remote Control Target to facilitate the operations surrounding the “Enter Connection Code” target dialog function.

  • More control over Proxy configuration in Controller

    The controller uses the proxy defined at system level by default. In some conditions, this may not be desirable. Creating a file named “override.proxy” in the controller install folder changes the default behavior and the system proxy is ignored.

Fixes included in Remote Control V10.0.0 Fix Pack 1
  • KB0078748 – Broker session does not start with username containing special chars
  • KB0079215 – During On Demand remote control session desktop background is permanently removed if set in policy
  • KB0079778 – Controller can not start a Broker connection in presence of a proxy server
  • KB0079998 – How to bypass UAC prompt (Doc)