Problem importing a Windows image on Windows 7 or Windows 2008 R2 when disablecompression parameter is set to 1 (true)

Problem description
When you import a Windows image on Windows 7 or Windows 2008 R2 machine, the import fails with an error message like:
12:19:58 PM: [2016/07/05 10:18:17] A <INF> Extracting Driver information from WIM image... 
16/07/05 10:18:24] Cannot find Windows files in local://temp/tpm_BB8EF01E69B2DD1F_1<BR>[2016/07/05 10:18:25] 
 A <ERR> Error raised by OSDT_ExtractWIMDrivers inload.rbc, line 2268 [VM:3338][2016/07/05 10:18:25] 
 A<ERR> Index out of range (2) 

This problem occurs when the disablecompression parameter of Windows is set to 1 (TRUE).

To solve the problem, check the setting of this parameter by running the following command from a DOS shell with administrator rights:
fsutil behavior query disablecompression
The query must return the value zero (false). If the value returned is 1 (TRUE), you must change the setting by running the following command:
fsutil behavior set disablecompression 0
You must restart the computer to enable the new behavior .