Product overview

BigFix Bare Metal Server, which is part of the Lifecycle Management suite, provides a consolidated, comprehensive solution to quickly deploy new workstations and servers throughout a network from a single, centralized location. This solution saves time and money, enforces a standardized and approved image, and reduces risks associated with non-compliant or insecure configurations.

The solution provides complete OS provisioning and system reimaging capabilities for Windows and Linux targets. You can deploy a fully-configured operating system to multiple computers across an enterprise.

You can deploy, configure, and manage BigFix Bare Metal Server from the BigFix infrastructure. After you set up the Bare Metal servers, you can create profiles containing images that become available when computers in the network PXE boot to that server. Computers then select profiles that are downloaded along with all the drivers needed to run the imaging process.

The following graphic shows a high-level view of the OS deployment process and components.