Upload Mode

By default, the OS images are permanently stored in the BigFix root server.

In some environment, where the BigFix root server is in remote (for example, in a cloud environment or it has a slow connection with the network where the OS images are imported and deployed) this would require a significant time to complete their upload process at the time of import and their download at the time of deployment. This also results in a significant usage of network between BigFix root server and the local network, where the image are coming from and finally dispatched to.

In this case, it is possible to configure the Upload Mode to store the OS images in a local network permanently instead of BigFix root server. Using a primary local repository to store the master copies of the OS images and the local caches of some specified local relays that are at the top of the network areas, where these relays will be used as a local repositories.
  1. Files other than OS images (for example, Windows drivers or OS resources) will be handled in a Standard Mode, using the BigFix root server as a permanent file repository.
  2. With the local repositories, you have the maximum advantage of reduced network usage and time when uploading or downloading images when the console is running in the local network. Also, when the console is running in the remote network, you have an advantage using the local relay repositories with a direct connection to the primary local repository.