Duplicate client computer entry in the Server database after a Linux reimage

Problem description
After a reimage of a Linux system in Install mode, the computer definition for that target is duplicated in the Server database and two entries are displayed in the Console. This problem can occur in the following cases:
  1. When the reimaging is performed, the agent is reinstalled and the existing data in the /var/opt/BESClient directory is saved and migrated to preserve the agent identity. Although the cache on the target is cleared during the process, if the resulting size of this directory is greater that 100 megabytes, the client identity is duplicated.
  2. When the version of the client you select in the Deploy image to Computer dialog is an earlier version than the version currently installed on the target.
  3. When you are reimaging from a 32-bit to a 64-bit architecture.

When this problem occurs, you can remove the duplicate entry from the BigFix Console by right-clicking on the computer name and selecting Remove from database.