Changing scanner trace settings

If requested by HCL® support or to limit the amount of traces generated by the scanner tool, you can change the scanner trace settings.


  1. Log on to the BigFix console.
  2. In the navigation tree, click Sites > External Sites > BigFix Inventory v10 > Fixlets and Tasks.
  3. Select Edit Scanner Trace Settings, specify the following values:
    • Trace level
    • Number of trace files
    • Trace file size
    In the lower pane, click Take Action.
  4. To select a subset of computers on which you want to create the capacity configuration, open the Target tab, and then click the computers.
    Table 1. Trace level valuesSupported trace level
    Value on Scanner Level / Analysis Value on “Edit Scanner Trace Settings” fixlet Description
    MIN DEFAULT Only errors are traced. This is the default value.
    MID VERBOSE Errors, entry and exit points are traced.
    MAX <Not available> All traces are enabled.

    This scanner value has a negative impact on stability and duration of the scan. It is not recommended for use. In BigFix Inventory version 10.0.5 and higher, this option is removed from the list of “Edit Scanner Trace Settings” fixlet.

    Note: The trace level values appear as Min and Mid in the log and properties file where Min represents Default and Mid represents Verbose.

    In disconnected scanner folder there is a script, setcfg.bat in windows and on unix systems. When you run this script, it shows help screen with instruction and requests for new values to be set. You can set the new value or enter '0' to reset the parameter to default. You can also press ENTER to skip setting the value. After you finish this step, it shows the amount of disk space required by all log files. Another way to run the script is to use a parameter, such as ./ -r. This script resets all parameters to default.