Incorrect software is displayed on reports due to incorrect bundling

Bundling assistant assigns discovered software components to products based on bundling rules. The rules assess the probability with which a component is part of a particular product. Because bundling assistance takes into account all products that are available in the software catalog, not only products that you purchased, it might happen that the component is assigned to a product that you do not have. As a result, the product that you have is not displayed on the reports, and some other product is displayed instead. To solve the problem, reassign the discovered component to the correct product.


  1. Identify what components are used to discover the product that is not shown on the reports.
    For example, check unconfirmed components that are installed on the computer where the product should be discovered. Such components are likely to be used to discover the product.
    1. Log in to BigFix Inventory, and go to Reports > Software Classification.
    2. Hover over Configure, and click Configure View. Then, filter the report to narrow down the list of instances to the unconfirmed components that are installed on a particular computer. Set up the following filters.
      • Confirm equal to No
      • Computer Name contains Computer Name
  2. If any of the components was assigned to an incorrect product, reassign it to the correct one.
    For example, if the component IBM WebSphere Application Server was assigned to the product IBM Rational Software Architect, but the product that you have is IBM WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment, reassign the component to IBM WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment.
    1. Hover over the Assign icon The assignment icon., and click Choose from Catalog.
    2. Select the product to which you want to reassign this component instance, and click Assign. For more information, see: Assigning components to products.


After you reassign the component, the correct product is displayed on the reports.