Interrupting software scan

BigFix Inventory scans run in the background. Fixlets, such as Intitate Software Scan and Initate Software Scan on Shared Disks trigger the scan to run in the background.

With version 10.0.6, a fixlet '114 Interrupt BigFix Inventory Software Scans' is provided in the troubleshooting category to kill the running processes:
  • wscansw, wscanfs
  • runcit_sw.bat/sh
  • (shared disk scan)

After executing the fixlet, Software Scan Status for Catalog, File, ISO tag and SLM Tag scan is set to 2:Interrupted. Each execution is tracked in LMT/CIT/end_scanner.log.

Steps to interrupt the scan in progress

To stop all running scans, perform the below recommended steps:
  1. Stop any instance of the Initiate Software Scan and Initiate Software Scan on Share Disks.
  2. Target the fixlet '114 Interrupt BigFix Inventory Software Scans' on the machines which are in scope.
  3. Set the desired time range of operation. Use the UTC time and ensure that the time is in future.
    1. The start of action BigFix Client depends on multiple factors, such as evaluation cycle. So, do not end action too soon.
    2. Action is relevant only when processes, wscansw/wscanfs/runcit_sw/ are found.
  4. It is possible to completely remove the relevance and let the action be executed.